Sick with Love

I am sick with love for my Father, for His name, His ways and His kingdom. His voice strips the forest bare and makes the deer give birth. And in His temple everyone says, Glory. In the stillness of the early morning as drops of rain beat the ground, so too my soul drips and beats upon the heart of my God, my Lord Jesus the Christ.

Draw me, again my Lord. For yours is the table I shall eat from. Your fruit is sweeter than any others and your face doth shine more brighter than a million suns. Who can look into the eyes of majesty? Who can behold the eyes of fire?

Draw me precious Saviour. For I am yours.


Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation. 

He Leads, Like This

The Spirit of the Lord Leads From all angles

I sighted two geese today. Parents of three little ones. Countless I’ve seen families of geese, this time however, an understanding of their formation was given to me. As I looked straight on, and into the pond called Lake of Dreams, I took noticed how each parent was leading their three babes. After being in the cool of the water for sometime, the parents led their children near to the side of the field where large rocks are (to eat and rest, I suppose). They were looking for a safe place but, since I was there, shouting at them not to come any closer (if you don’t know geese, you don’t know they hiss and wring their necks like snakes – all warning signs that they will certainly attack anyone (me) should they feel threatened under any circumstances – especially that of protecting their children…good parents)! Either way, I stood tall on the park bench to make myself bigger and, to make them go find another spot – since there were many to choose from (for them).

It work!

I stood my ground, (bench), and they stayed their distance, enough. I had gone their to read and talk and listen and bless and enjoy a moment with God, Jesus. But I didn’t end up reading. I just sat, thinking, talking, laughing, and sitting still.

Then, as I looked up, there was the family, again. Only this time they were near the other side of the large pond. Then I saw this:IMG_5093

One parent in the front – leading the way. The other at the side and the rear of the children.

This is how He leads us – you and me. This is how the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus leads. He is in front of us – so we can follow. He is beside us – so we can hear Him speak and He can hear us speak. We can keep up with His pace whether that’s a (walk, glide, run, jog, sprint, swim or flight) and, He is set as our rear guide and guard – seeing all that we can’t and protecting us from the same. Praise God!

All angles of the leading of the Holy Spirit are covered. They are great comforts for us. He is always is and, always all ways. Ponder that.

Also, I observed that none of the three baby geese had a leash around their necks nor feet nor wings nor belly. None. Not one of them. The first time they came near me, one of the little ones were in front, not able to see their dad or mom, yet as I began shouting to shoo them off, one of the parents starting making a noise. It was noise to me because I don’t understand their language but, surely it was communication to them…to the baby goose. Very quickly it turned back and towards its parents. Back into the water where they all swam together across the pond to the other side where they eventually got out, rested and flapped their feathers.

Had this little one not heard and listened to the words of their parents, it would have been neglecting the protection and wisdom its parents offered. The parents had an understanding and an insight, a point-of-view its children did not.

If this little bird did not retreat on its own there was no leash for its parents to pull it back. They could squeal at the top of their lungs, they could flap their wings, they could even try dragging their child back into the water but, if the child is not willing, eventually they won’t heed any warning messages and, they’ll sadly ignore all the signs.

I reading this we ought to consider ourselves. Christ Jesus died for the world since He loved us and, in doing so made a way for us to have our sins forgiven, our souls justified, and our lives lived eternally with Him. Yes, the King of kings, Maker of all, even died and rose up His life again, completely destroying and defeating what was the strength of death;  He sends warning messages to us, He gives us help, healing, hope in our times of need; He restores us, corrects our steps, our character; He can bring His Light into our darkness and truth to expose our lies we have come to accept and impart but, ultimately it is all up to us – you, whether to follow Him – as He is God, sovereign and all-knowing. It is solely up to us to desire to hear Him and to listen with the witness of our convictions. It is up to us to have a real-ationship with Him because, like the parents of the three little geese, He wills and desires and is most joyous to be our God and we His people, His fiends, His servants, His delight, His sheep, His children. Yes, He, the Christ, loves you. Will you follow Him?

NOTE WELL: None of the three baby geese had a leash around their neck or feet or wings or belly. None. We are free. You are free. I am free. Free to make decisions - but never free from decisions.


 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

PSALM 32:8

“Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, And your righteousness shall go before you; The glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.”


I Know

I know. Do you?

What do you know about the Lord, Christ Jesus? What have you heard? Who do you say He is? What do you know? Who is He? Who is Jesus the Christ? Truly, is it Him…your maker? Him, the one who formed you in your mother’s womb? Him, who knows you before all this world began? Can this be? Can this truly be?

Jesus Christ. I know Him. And I know He is great. And I know He is above all gods. And I know He is God.

Do you, know?


“For I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all gods.”

PSALM 135:5



Let those who are on the Lord’s side come, and come back. Come back to your Maker. Turn back to Christ Jesus the Lord God Almighty. Turn back to your Shepherd. Turn back as a sheep who has gone astray. Turn back as a child who is in need of their parent. Turn back as a sinner who seeks with their whole heart the Saviour. Turn back as one who comes to the understanding that the road ahead is the wrong direction. Turn back to Jesus. He is calling you. Turn back. Please, I beg of you, turn back. Turn back, and you will be saved.

"And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."